Building a home while living out of state or while deployed can be done! You might even enjoy the process. Call Clarksville Homes for the details.

Building a new home in Clarksville Tennessee while out of the state or country is now possible.  Clarksville Homes, Inc does their best to make the home building process as stress free as possible.  Clarksville Homes utilizes technology and allows the new home owners to be an active participant during the home building process. This is extremely helpful for out of town families transferring into the Clarksville , Tennessee area for jobs or for our soldiers who are deployed over seas.
After choosing the home plan and agreeing to the price, Clarksville Homes will set up the new homeowner with a unique access code.  This access code will be entered on the home page of     Once onto the Homeowner access page, you will be able to see the entire calendar for your home being built.  This allows you to know exactly what is being completed on your home.  For example, if there is a rain delay, you will see it on the calendar.  Or if it is progressing ahead of schedule, that will be reflected on the calendar also.

Another benefit of the Homeowner Access is that you will have the opportunity to  make selections. The selections page makes sure that everyone is on board.  This page shows the standard choices and the upgraded choices.    and see an accurate running project costs.  The homeowner is never in the dark about how much they are spending.  Clarksville Homes will also provide updated pictures to show the progress of the home.  This is a great way to help you stay connected and also share the progress of your home with loved ones.   Another benefit of using Clarksville Homes, Inc as your builder is that there is constant contact with the builder.  You will have easy access to email any questions or concerns.    This is conveniently located on another tab.

Changes are bound to happen during the building process.  Before any change is made, you will ultimately give the go ahead on the “change order” page.  This is your house and we want you to be completely satisfied with your home.

Building a new home can be stressful.  Clarkville Homes does it’s very best to make the home building process as stress free as we can.  People who are being transferred or deployed may be hesitant about having a home built.  Please call us and let us show you how this can be done.  Clarksville Homes. Inc can build you a home in Clarksville even if you live out of state.



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