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In your opinion, why should buyers choose Clarksville Quality Homes?

“They (Perspective Buyers) should choose Clarksville Quality Homes because building a house can be scary. The last thing you need is to have a builder you don’t trust. We are not originally from here so when it came to who to trust and who not to, we had no clue.

We met with other builders and looked at every home for sale in our area, we just couldn’t find a home or builder we felt comfortable with, until we met Jamie and Nancy. I knew from our first meeting that they were the one’s to build our home. They are great and helped us through the process the whole way.

 It’s true, people won’t see the floor joist or the insulation between your walls, but you will appreciate the peace of mind of having a well built, peaceful, quiet, energy-efficient home. Clarksville Quality Homes take the extra step needed to help make your house feel more like a home. They are great about answering any questions or calming any fears about your choices.”

~Misty + Tony F.

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