” It was such a long and hard road for us, the road to homeownership. We went the experience of having a builder lie to us, avoid our calls and attempts to contact him, and be forced to back out of a house. Then the best thing that could happen to anyone happen to us, our Realtor set up a meeting with Jamie and Nancy.

I am currently attempting to get into contracting and real estate and everything I have read about it suggest the builders unfortunately are horrible, inconsiderate people just trying to make a buck. But people trust me this is not how James and Nancy Walker operate. Consider the fact that they only build 3 homes at a time just so they can pay close attention to every detail and provide you with home that they would want to live in.  It was such a great and fun experience. It kind of felt like my family was building a home for me and it was sincere too, not some fake attempts to just get a sale.

I would recommend (and have to many) building your home if you have the time because you can get almost everything you want and your the only one to have live there. It gives you an opportunity to create the first memories, traditions and experiences in that home. I’m sorry, but if you decide to buy a home in Clarksville, TN and do not buy that home with Clarksville Quality Homes – IT WILL BE A MISTAKE IN MY PERSONAL OPINION BECAUSE THE SERVICE, QUALITY AND PERSONAL TOUCH IS UNMATCHED PERIOD!!!

Thank you Jamie and Nancy for everything and I wish you continued success in all that you guys do! ”

“D & K Smith”


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