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Every Month, Clarksville Homes has teamed up with Way FM 88.7 and is proud to sponsor the Drive Thru Difference.  This is when you pay for the car behind you.  It can be Starbucks or any other Drive Thru Restaurant.  But remember… even if you do not like to eat at Fast Food Restaurants…. you can order a water 🙂

This is a great way to brighten someone’s day and encourage generosity.

This is an email that someone sent in describing their experience:

 Your Name (*): Della
Subject (*): my story Message (*): Hi I just wanted to say what your doing with your drive thru difference is amazing. I participated last month but hadn’t yet this month. Well i went to get something for lunch and I shouldn’t have been spending money at all because of bills coming up and before i pulled up I was checking to make sure i had enough money to pay and I get up to the window and they told me the person in front of me already paid for my food i immediately started to cry. God is so great!!  4-19-13

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