“Our experience with Jaime/Nancy was a great one. Clarksville Homes was the most pleasant experience from day one. No pressure, no unclear builder/construction jargon, etc. We understood the process and procedures because of their detailed planning. Besides all these great qualities, most importantly, you can tell from day one of meeting Jaime  that it’s not about profit. It’s all about pride, passion and perfection of his work. The attention to detail is something you just don’t find any more in many industries. He strives for getting it done and gets it done right. These are all things we care about and saw through to the end. No cutting corners or cheap alternatives, just sharing of great ideas and finished products that were pleasing to both parties. 

We would only build another home through Clarksville Homes and highly recommend them to friends/family. Quality over quantity is their key to success in our opinion. Most importantly even after your build is complete, they don’t just run away and fall of the earth, they know you.  Nancy and Jamie always answer our call.  You couldn’t ask for a better builder.”

-Mike and Cara

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